Happy Camper Store Grand Opening


Please join my sister and I over @ our new adventure— Happy Camper Store!!

We have found our happy landing place!

We are sisters. Melanie and Claudia. Two “Happy Campers” since childhood. Weekend hikes collecting treasures, swimming in rocky rivers, bacon frying in a cast iron pan, lazy Saturday’s, fishing with our dad, games at the picnic table, family time, catching fireflies, roasting marshmallows under the stars and telling stories around the campfire until late into the night.

From a very young age our parents taught us the importance of tradition, adventure and making time for family. Together, we treasure childhood memories of doing life in the great outdoors.

So, welcome to our special little corner of the world over @ the Happy Camper Store!!

Our heart is to provide inspiring products that will bring the adventure back to every grown-up happy camper heart like ours.

Happy Days. Simple Life. Happy Campers.

We’d love to have you join this journey with us as OUR story continues. Keep dreaming. Keep writing your story! There’s a big and beautiful world out there!!!

Adventure Awaits!!


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