I AM a God-Sized Dreamer



One of my favorite books is The Dream Giver by Bruce Wilkinson. It is a beautiful picture of how calls to us to dream, work toward it, walk in it and then dream even bigger dreams. 

“The Dream Giver gave my Dream back to me. Now it is part of his Big Dream-and that means my Dream is a lot bigger than before.” The Dream Giver by Brice WIlkinson

I continue to hear God call to my heart that the bigger dream is coming. The dream that i am living is still alive and effective. I am faithfully believing God to grow and bless my blog into a place of love and encouragement for women and families in 2013.

I am just like ordinary in the book. In desperate need of a great God who takes plain, ordinary, simple me and transform my heart, passion, mission and service unto Him as great…..for His kingdom come and His will be done!!

“Ordinary knelt by the riverbank and wept with joy. The Dream Giver was more kind, more good, more wonderful and trustworthy than he had ever imagined.” The Dream Giver

Living Simply~Simply Living


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    • I read the first publication of the book in 2003. It truly transformed my way of thinking, praying and believing God. I began the dream journey into full-time ministry with Motor Racing Outreach in 2001. I was only affirmed by the allegory that I was exactly where I should be and that I could know when God was beginning to woo me towards a shift in heart or the time to begin walking towards the new dreams that God would write on my heart. So here I am, still fulfilled in the call of God on my life but knowing that the next step will be simple obedience in listening to His call to me to come closer and begin walking towards the new opening in my heart for the more that He will do in my life….for His glory!!


      • Bless you! Isn’t that just where we all want to be? Still fulfilled in the call of God but knowing the next step will be simple obedience in listening to His call. Perfect place to be. Thanks for your story and for passing on your wisdom!


  3. I read the Dream Giver. God takes the ordinary and make it extraordinary! My husband and I are Nascar fans and we’ve heard of your ministry. I will be praying for you as you start a new racing season.


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