My Brave Face

My Brave Face!!

Doing my best at growing into the blogger that the Lord would have me be!! Not sure that I have accomplished much to date but I am a willing learner, a seeker of growth in every area the Lord will speak to me, and my transparent self confesses that right now, I am being challenged in ways that I have not been challenged in a very long time…… Did I also say that I am the queen of run-on sentences? I write the way I talk….with WAY too many words.

Verbose defined:

~containing more words than necessary 

~wordy (a verbose reply)

~impaired by wordiness (verbose style) Ha!! Never thought of being verbose as an impairment!

~given to wordiness (a verbose orator)
Yes. My name is Melanie……

And it is true, I am verbose……

Condensing the “About Me” on the blog has been like a trip to the dentist!! But, alas, there is hope!!! Yep, I am getting a little LESS verbose with each new day!! Baby steps!!

I so appreciate my Dreams-Giver team for being kind when honest!! I receive your critiques with a grateful heart!!

So, here is my first attempt at the updated “About Me” Woo Hoo!!!

Thanks to our precious mentor, team-dreamer and friend, Holley Gerth. Thanks so much for choosing , believing and challenging me to put on my “big girl britches” and start dreaming again!!!!

Who am I?

I am intent on serving loving, leading and teaching others about the things of God. With great care, I open my home, heart and life to carry others life joys and burdens before the Lord. I want to hold your heart in my heart in hopes of lightening the load that you carry. I am trustworthy, a true friend; compassionate, tender, thoughtful and genuinely interested and invested in the road that you are on.

I am gathering the eternal joy flowers that never fade. And I want to get to know you.

I believe that God has created and called me to graciously support, inspire, lead and encourage women, children and families by sharing my simple journey of faith as I write, relate and teach from God’s Word.

I am currently loving families through life by teaching women and children the things of God and providing a “safe-haven” for our NASCAR family through the ministry of the Motor Racing Outreach Community Center. My husband, Monty and I, can be found 26 weeks of the year living in a motor home inside of a race track.

Praying that the simple moments in my life will encourage and “inspire hope” in YOUR little life’s place. While my life is often complicated, I pursue living simply……I am blessed to be Simply Living…..even in the middle of the chaos!!

P. S. I have the best job in NASCAR!! Really.

Heart Wide Open…..My Blog Journey

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  1. Awesome! Great post! So happy to be getting to know you more and to be on the team together! : ) And chalk this up under “stupid questions” but uh, is there running water to hook up to on the inside of the track? Is it like a regular campground (except for the cars zooming around you), or is it like roughing it? Oh, the questions that go through my mind. Hahahaha! : )


    • There are never “stupid questions”!! Yes, There is an actual driver/owner/crew chief lot that is like a private full-service campground inside of most of the tracks. It is much like a gated community and is directly connected to the garage (their office). It is truly a neighborhood just like any other. We are simply mobile. But it is the same neighbors every weekend!! We travel week to week. We provide women, children’s and family programming at our mobile community center. It also represents our steeple. So for lack of a better explanation. We are a mobile church in every sense of the word. A missions trip each weekend. We provide everything that is necessary to meet the spiritual needs of the NASACR community. Chaplaincy, trauma response, counseling, chapel services, men and women’s bible study, fellowship, childcare (Sunday school) during the entire race, family activities like Father’s Day Olympics where the families compete for trophies like dad, etc…..


  2. Beautiful post, Melanie. I can so relate! I had to find my “big girl britches” this week too, and even mentioned it in my last post! So grateful that God is bigger than all our fears and shortcomings. Blessed to be on this journey with you!


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