10 Days of Thanks {Day Six}

Day Six

God’s beautiful message to you ~His beloved.

I want you to linger in gratitude. This is a most delightful place—where the Joy of My Presence shines warmly upon you. ☀️ You often pray fervently for something until you receive the answer you desire. When I grant your request, you respond joyfully and thankfully. But your tendency is to move on rather quickly to the next matter.

I want you to remain for a while in an attitude of grateful Joy. Instead of experiencing only a short-lived burst of gratitude, let this pleasure flow freely into the future by training yourself to recall what I have done.

During Monty’s tenure in the Air Force, we lived in a 150 year old historic house at the top of a mountain that looked down over Morgantown, West Virginia. Winter was cold as winters are yet filled with beauty. Every flake of snow would bring change to our view as if gently shaking a snow globe. It was a magical day like that when God gave me pause.

I had put the kids down for naps. After closing the last bedroom door quietly behind me, I turned to see a prism of radiant light beaming through the window at the end of the hall. I was immediately drawn to it. The laundry could wait. So I grabbed my Bible, a chair and just sat in the warmth of the light. It was joyful just to linger there. I felt the Lord’s presence and found refuge in the oneness I experienced with the Him that day. I was a baby Christian with two children under the age of two. I was struggling with finding time alone and quiet time with the Lord had become the last thing on the “to do” list.

I opened my Bible, laid it on my lap and vividly remember reading but I could not tell you what I read. It was just nice to warm up in the rays of sunshine. Over the next hour God would give me pause and four words that I call the four “L’s”. He had beckoned me that day and it was so contrary to any other experience that I had ever known. Out of obedience I faithfully wrote down each word in my journal because I knew this was special and something that would be a huge catalyst in transforming my journey of faith.


We must make time for pause in our lives. Shut down the noise of the world and pursue the presence of God.

LEAN in close to your Heavenly Father
Listen intently for His instruction
Linger just a little longer in the stillness
Lift your heart and remain in gratefulness

God impressed upon my heart to end every time alone with him with this practice. Many days I listen to worship music in the last moments and LIFT my hands to Him in praise. I have nurtured and gained spiritual health through the years through this practice because it became my habit. The longer I serve Him the sweeter this time has become.

Now don’t get me wrong, my faith walk has ebbed and flowed through the years. There have been seasons when life has handed me hard things, found myself spiritually low from giving to others and then wrangling through life moments that have demanded every little piece of me. If you are there, I am simply here to encourage you to find that place again. He has not let go of you. He sees. He knows. God is a good and compassionate Father. If you are a prodigal, His arms are open wide. Maybe it is time to run home. It is never too late to get started again.

Lean in my friend- He is there.
Listen for His voice- let the Holy Spirit comfort you
Linger there and wrap yourself up in His love and light Lift up your heartfelt cry to Him and express the deep and hard place you are in. His forgiveness comes with deep compassion and His love will lead you to deep gratitude. This I know.

I looked forward to my daily retreat during nap time. Some days we lingered long and others I’d simply lean into His presence as Father God. But one thing that would remain was ending with a time of thanksgiving for His great love.

I still find joy leaning in close to the Lord. I know it brings joy to Him when I express my gratitude for His goodness. At this time in my life I experience a deep desire to sit quietly and wait to hear His still small voice. To linger in His presence cares so perfectly for my soul. Worship and adoration are the wellspring of life. Lifting Him up keeps my eyes on Him and stays my way in serving Him.

I know God is saying much to us all this season of thanks-

He reminds us gently and lovingly. Keep bringing your gratitude to Me. A thankful heart will remind and guide you in all that really matters. Keep focusing on your faith walk. Out of love and gratitude find ways to serve others. This thankfulness will bless you doubly—with happy memories and the delight of simply sharing life with Me.

Let us come before His presence with thanksgiving; let us shout joyfully to Him with psalms.
Psalm 95:2 nkjv

But thanks be to God! He gives us the victory through our Lord Jesus Christ.1 Corinthians 15:57

Remember His marvelous works which He has done, His wonders, and the judgments of His mouth.
1 Chronicles 16:12 nkjv

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