The Simply Essential Life- Health. Wellness. Abundance.

Have you ever wondered how to get quality essential oils for a fair price? How and why to use them? Want to know the research behind them? Which ones should I purchase? Shouldn’t I hear about them from someone I trust? YES!

What about having a resource person accessible, will actually return a phone call and in the flesh? A person, team and support for you as you navigate the waters of your wholly new and wonderful natural lifestyle?

A friend to walk beside you through this journey to wellness and discover the joy of complimenting the creation from the master’s handiwork that is wonderfully YOU!

I am here to love, walk, encourage, inspire, and see you along this journey of wellness to completion!

So, let’s get right down to it!

All essential oils are not created equal.

If you are one of the ones who have had a bad experience with essential oils…….

Consider the following things:

Buying essential oils isn’t so easy because the regulations which regulate purity of essential oils can be a little shoddy. Pure doesn’t mean organic, natural or even that it’s from a plant. That’s why I always recommend Young Living. I’ve heard so many stories (or experienced them) about reactions to store bought “pure” essential oils!

I have been using Young Living Essential Oils for about ten years. In all of that time, I followed the instructions and used precautions that are specially directed. One other important piece of info that I love about using, representing and selling Young Living as an Independent Distributor is the online training, information and the personal connection to my Young Living Team Members who are just a phone call, text, email or IM away.

If you are already a member of Young Living, you can go to their website and either set up a quick order or add items to your Essential Rewards (so you get points back for FREE stuff).

If you are not yet a member of Young Living, I would love to meet with you and share with you the joy that YL Essential Oils have brought into my life.

You can email me @

Not only that, I have reconnected with a treasured friend from many years back. So, my personal connection with you will plug you in with our team, including Cathy and Tara, all the resources and education they offer their members. You will love every heart!

As a good steward of all that I have blessed me with in my life, I would also recommend a wholesale membership because it SAVES MONEY! There is no obligation to sell anything with a wholesale membership, but you can make money whenever you refer someone to Young Living. It will also plug you and your friends into our team’s resources as well. Pretty cool, right?

The best thing of all, the wholesale membership will always save you 24% off the of retail cost and that is well worth it!

With a wholesale membership, you can get the Premium Starter Kit for about 50% off retail value which is a huge savings! Plus you also get 24% off any future orders too.

The wholesale Premium Starter Kit is $160 plus tax and shipping. It takes about a week to arrive, so you will have ample time to make some DIY gifts for Christmas!

If you are one of the beautiful hearts that have signed up under me, don’t forget to sign up for Essential Rewards to get a monthly shipment that can be changed at any time to try many of the different items are interested in mailed to you AND you gain ER credits for all of your PV orders and that means FREE products. Woo Hoo for FREE PRODUCTS!!!!!

Remember, you can place your order as is and get ready for the YL fun!

Shoot me a message if I can help in any way! When something amazing goes on in my life, I really want to share it!

The spiritual and emotional health of the community that I serve also deserves information to know more how they can be physically in tune with all three.

Happy research @

To sign up for a members wholesale account, you can follow this link. 

You can also sign up as a retail customer but you will not be eligible for Essential Rewards points toward free items.

 Living Simply~Simple Living

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